Hi, I'm Michael

I am a danish designer, entrepreneur and keynote speaker.
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In the last 15 years I've not only worked on hundreds of client projects, but also founded my own; A handful of companies and initiatives that I'm immensely proud of. Combined they've created products, services, events and resources that have been experienced by millions of people. Each project has, in its own way, allowed me to tell stories, meet people and grow as a designer. 


Upcoming talks

One of the great rewards of enduring the many ups and downs of making something is getting to share those experiences with other makers. A growing part of my career is giving talks on a range of subjects that inspire me; From very practical advice about my fascination with icons to more broad topics like 'fun' in design– I try to imbue my time on stage with real world examples, stories and videos. My aim is always to have a good time and share as much advice and enthusiasm as I can about the wonderful crazy world of making things. Clicking the button below will take you to two of my current talks that I'm touring with.


The 2018 Tour


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Since 2009 I've built and collaborated on a number of consumer products. Mostly apps, but also hardware and services. By far the most of them have been made with the Robocat team and lot's of amazing people took part in these adventures. Each video is presented here as it were at the launch and in reverse chronological order. 
A journey back in time.



Join me on my youtube channel where I share tutorials, talks, developer diaries, products and prototypes. I'm gonna show you what I make, and how I make them and I'm going to take you on adventures with my love for travel and cameras. I'll try to make it worth your while.



Project, press or event inquiries or just feel free to drop me a line and say hi.

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